Frame by frame the shower scene psycho

‘Psycho’ Halloween Pumpkins: Man Carves Famous Shower Scene

By the way, after you see the film, please do not give away the ending. In the video below…I have edited the Saul Bass storyboards next to the final film version of Psycho. A crab shot, still sustaining a low-angle shot, is then used to track Marion as she moves into the shower then closing the blinds.

You think he's going to get away because a person on foot can't keep up with the subway… But Gene Hackman jumps in a car and starts chasing the subway, riding underneath it, going at 80mph, swerving in and out of traffic. To have spent all that time and money and to have the daring — some would say foolhardy daring, but nevertheless a magnificent daring — to end the film on such an elusive and obscure note, I found it amazing as a year-old that anybody should have the balls to do that.

Everybody knew Saul was brilliant. Disney films didn't make me want to go home and do it myself because it was shrouded in mystery and technique. There was a lot more mainstream "auteur cinema" than there is now, Hollywood studios producing personal films.

The 23 Scariest Scenes You Should Watch This Halloween

Still screaming, Marion thrases from side to side. The Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin. Hitch wanted everyone to make sure they knew he could still surprise them. He tried to mislead moviegoers and newspaper reporters about Mrs. Everybody talked about that scene.

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But Kubrick's film was the most original I had ever seen. He is passive but eager to find something — to be a witness of something, or to give his imagination something to chew on.

The heroes are all live action and the monsters are all done with stop-frame animation. For more info and detailed references…I recommend reading: In this shot we see she is resting her head on her hand before she rips the paper into shreds.

The greatest film scenes ever shot

Shots 21 thru 25 create a rhythm in the editing, alternately jumping from ceiling shot to scream. One the first day of shooting all members of the cast and crew had to raise their right hands and promise not to divulge one word of the story. He's like a genie in a bottle and you're waiting for him to let the genie out — which he does brilliantly in that horrific sequence later on where he shoots Harvey Keitel's character and saves Jodie Foster's.

Cool Horror Videos: Psycho shower scene, Lego style!

This is the cutest little stabbing you'll ever see! YouTuber "BrickTease" has made a frame by frame recreation of Alfred Hitchcock's famous shower scene from PSYCHO using LEGOs! Got to admit, he's. 78/ Hitchcock's Shower Scene. The screeching strings, the plunging knife, the slow zoom out from a lifeless eyeball: inAlfred Hitchcock’s Psycho changed film history forever with its taboo-shattering shower scene.

Alfred Hitchcock's powerful, complex psychological thriller, Psycho () is the "mother " of all modern horror brilliantly-edited shower murder scene accompanied by screeching violins). The odd shot shower scene was meticulously storyboarded by Saul Bass, but directed by Hitchcock himself.and leaves the frame of the windshield.

The shower scene within the context of Psycho recalls the cinematic form – a frame, a scene, a camera movement at a time. Film is fundamentally a series of moments combined. Film is.

Who Directed the PSYCHO Shower Scene?

Mar 27,  · Watch video · It was also really exciting to us to play the opposite of the shower scene in Psycho, I really didn’t want to make it just an exercise of copying Hitchcock frame for frame.

The shower scene is the bridge between the two stories, but it is the scene in the parlor that cements the two tales -- and the fates of the two protagonist. And if you look at PSYCHO as two separate parts of a whole, then Marion's story is revealed to be the more complete of the two.

Frame by frame the shower scene psycho
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