The issues of slave reparations

The slave population in the US grew six-fold after the importation of slaves was ceased, an action taken to protect the domestic market for native-born slaves and justified on the basis of greater internal security - persons born into slavery were thought to be easier to control than those captured and forced into it.

Reparations will be absolutely poisonous to race relations. Federal and state governments have already spent billions of dollars on social programs such as welfare, subsidized housing, health care, employment development, affirmative action, and education.

An obsession with past wrongs, to the extent that present opportunity and future promise are ignored or slighted, is a bad thing. Many African descendants identify the United States and its predecessor colonies as playing a significant role in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, chattel slavery and the continuing badges and indicia of slavery to which they are subjected.

To put it mildly. Yes, but you would agree that if the percentage is high enough, the assumption that all blacks qualify is a reasonable one. As slavery expanded into the Deep Southa flourishing internal slave trade replaced importation from Africa.

He claimed that London was still tainted by the horrors of slavery.

Reparations for slavery

While this is only one example out of thousands of enslaved persons, it does mean that not all slavery reparations can be determined by racial self-identification alone; reparations would have to include a determination of the free or slave status of one's African-American ancestors, as well as when and by whom they were enslaved and denied rights such as property ownership.

Having once got its tentacles fastened on to the economic and social life of the Republic, it was no easy matter for the country to relieve itself of the institution. Practical Questions about Chicago Ordinance Are Overwhelming by Roger Clegg from Human Events, January 12, Last fall, according to itsTribune, Chicago "became the first major city in the nation" to pass a "groundbreaking ordinance requiring all businesses vying for city contracts to search their records and disclose whether they profited from slavery.

Countries throughout the western world preceded the United States in ending this institution, suggesting that the international community knew that chattel slavery was an inhumane institution. Just about any social problem you can name-crime, drugs, dropping out of school, doing poorly in school, and so forth-has a strong correlation with growing up in a home without a father.

It is a claim against American government and society, which has continued from the time of slavery.

Should U.S. pay reparations for slavery? U.N.-appointed experts think so

Chairman, for the opportunity to testify today. Profit from slavery was not limited to the South: Certainly slaveowners profited from it more than slaves did. Reparation for slavery in what is now the United States is a complicated issue.

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Conversely, the blacks who are paid reparations will include many who actually have more money than the average nonblack, and many who are not descendants of slaves-whose ancestors actually immigrated to the United States quite recently-as well as many whose lack of wealth is more their own fault than that of some slaveowner in the distant past.

By the way, how are you going to define African American.

Slavery reparations lawsuit (re USA)

What if you bought shirts from a company that bought cloth from an English company that bought cotton from the plantation?. Reparations for slavery is a proposal that some type of compensation should be provided to the descendants of enslaved people in the United States, in consideration of the forced and uncompensated labor their ancestors performed over compensation has been proposed in a variety of forms, from individual monetary payments to land-based compensation related to independence.

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ISSUES – Slavery and Reparations

government should pay slave reparations. Some of the comments in this thread already touch on issues that he raises, such as who exactly today will be held responsible and on what. Feb 22,  · Black Author Schools Young Reparationist: You've Been 'Tempted Into Arrogance' the debate for and against reparations raged between an older, soft spoken black American author and his younger.

Reparations for slavery debate in the United States

Debate Continues Over Reparations for U.S. Slavery. where she taught courses on the legal issues surrounding reparations. calling for slave reparations.

The issues of slave reparations
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